Worship Assistants



Servers play an important role in worship services. They carry the cross in processions, help prepare the altar for communion, and assist with receiving the offering donations. Servers also assist the minister with baptisms, funerals, and holiday celebrations. Children, youth, and adults can serve in this role.



These are members of the church community who read the Bible lessons and lead prayers during worship services. No special experience is needed for these roles, though training can be provided. Readers can volunteer on an occasional or regular basis. Children, youth, and adults can serve in this role.


Communion Assistants

Communion assistants are trained lay members who assist with communion during worship services.  Some Communion assistants also bring communion to ill or shut-in parishioners during pastoral care visits.



These act as greeters, providing information and service bulletins to those entering the church for services.  They collect the monetary offerings during the service and direct the congregation to the altar during communion.


Projector Operators

These volunteers work the powerpoint projection system at the 10 am Sunday service.

Altar Guild

Preparing the sanctuary for worship services is an ongoing job that is shared by several members of the altar guild team. Altar guild members take turns with such tasks as setting out worship supplies, maintaining communion vessels, caring for linens, and various other tasks. Anyone may serve on the altar guild. On the job training is provided!

Flowers and Decorating


Fresh flowers are often used to decorate the front of the church. These floral arrangements are funded through special donations and are sometimes given in memory of deceased loved ones. Volunteers help to acquire, arrange, and maintain flower arrangements for display during worship. At Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, the church is decorated with additional seasonal displays. Volunteers help with this decorating also.