Summer Outdoor Services


When the weather gets warm and the sun is shining, everyone wants to be outdoors! For Christ Church Seaway, that means it’s time to flip over the canoe and celebrate the Eucharist outside!

The liturgy is very casual. Bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on and stay for a picnic lunch after the service. If you have outside games to play, bring those too! A simple BBQ (hamburgers or hot dogs) is provided. Everything else is pot-luck.

Christ Church Seaway has four outdoor worship services scheduled for this Summer:

Sunday June 18 – Sunday School and Choir end-of-season celebration!
Sunday July 2 – Canada 150 celebration!
Sunday August 20 – general summer fun!
Sunday September 3 – Labour Day weekend!

Outdoor services begin at 10am. 8am services will continue to be held indoors.

Everyone is always welcome!

PWRDF Sunday


June 11th is Trinity Sunday. Christ Church Seaway is celebrating by learning more about the work of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. PWRDF is the primary means by which the Anglican Church of Canada responds to humanitarian needs related to relief, refugees, development, and justice in Canada and around the world.

Jane Maxwell is our diocesan representative and the chair of the Diocesan PWRDF Working Group. She will be addressing the 10am congregation with a slideshow presentation during the usual sermon time and will be available to chat about the work of PWRDF after the service.

This is a great chance to learn more about PWRDF and how we can further support this vital ministry!

Photo: Liselle was seven months pregnant with Liobert on the day of the Bohol earthquake in the Philippines. She was nearly hit by rocks from the landslide, but escaped with only a broken finger. She is looking forward to her new house being completed with help from local Primate’s Fund partners. (Photo by Kelly Steele, PWRDF)

Pentecost Sunday – Worship and Conversation

red stole

This Sunday June 4th is the Christian Feast of Pentecost. On this day the followers of Jesus mark the coming of the Holy Spirit and the anniversary of the Christian Church. Christ Church Seaway will be observing this feast with multicultural music, and the reading of scripture in various languages (English, Inuktitut, Greek, and Bengali). If you are really keen, feel free to wear the colour red for this Eucharistic celebration!

After the 10 AM service Rev. Patrick and members of Parish Council will lead our third Turning-Point Conversation. This conversation will focus on a shared ministry proposal for our area. This will be a chance to learn more about a proposed plan that would allow for more cooperation between parishes and would also lead to some cost savings for Christ Church Seaway.

The conversation will take place over a pot-luck lunch so please bring a dish to share. Everyone is welcome!

Cornwall Inter-Faith Iftar

IFTAR Poster - June 2017.jpg

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us. During this time, Muslims traditionally fast from sunrise to sunset. The breaking of the fast at the end of the day is known as Iftar. Often Iftar is an occasion for a community gathering, prayers, food, and even a party!

All are invited to attend an Interfaith Iftar to be held at Knox St. Paul United Church on Thursday June 8th at 7pm. This will be a casual and welcoming environment for anyone curious about the Muslim faith, interested in inter-faith dialogue, or simply looking to meet new friends!

Episcopal Visit and Confirmation Service

IMG_3584This Sunday June 28 The Right Reverend John Chapman will be leading worship at Christ Church Seaway. Bishop John has just marked the 10th anniversary of his ordination as Bishop of Ottawa. He is very familiar with Christ Church Seaway and is always welcome in our midst as a leader and a friend.

Seth GrantDuring the liturgy, Seth Grant will receive the sacrament of Confirmation. For the past few years Seth has been active in the the community of Christ Church through his participation in the youth group, his work as a server, and as a friendly face around the parish. Please pray for Seth as he takes this on this new commitment of faith.

The service takes place Sunday at 10am. As always, everyone is welcome to take part. A pot-luck reception will follow. This will be a great chance to get to know Bishop John, support Seth, and celebrate together as a community!

Planning for Christ Church’s Future (Update)


This Sunday, Parish Council presented an update to the congregation regarding our conversations with neighbouring parishes. Please continue to pray for inspiration and guidance as we work to secure Christ Church’s ministry for future generations.

“Good Morning

Well we attended our first meeting with the parishes in our deanery on Tuesday May 9 and as promised, we are reporting on what was discussed.

We were not at the previous meeting but it appears that they were asked what they valued most and it seems that the building was first and the priest second. With that in mind they came up with some proposals on how we could save money. The one that made most sense was to have a team ministry. That is to say that we would partner with one or more parishes. Each parish would remain autonomous, but they would share priests thus reducing that expense. Again, this is just a proposal still in the discussion stage and perhaps someone will come up with a better solution. There are many details to be worked out. It is important that we remain open minded and positive. It’s also encouraging that everyone is working together.

We will be holding our third parish Turning Point Conversation at Christ Church on Sunday June 4 after the 10am service where we can discuss the proposals. Also in June (date to be announced) there will be another meeting with the parishes of the deanery. This will be an open meeting and everyone in the parish is encouraged to attend.

If you have any questions, please ask your parish council and we will do our best to answer.”


Planning for Christ Church’s Future

asperges - kids

The following announcement was shared by Parish Council on Sunday April 30, 2017. It refers to a conversation that is only beginning to take place and we do not know what outcomes to expect. We will be participating according to what we feel Christ Church has to offer and what we feel we can gain from a closer relationship with our neighbours. Please join our congregation in considering how to best embrace the future of our ministry through prayer and open conversation.

“We are here to update you on our last parish council meeting. It is no secret that we have been operating at a deficit for the past few years and we need to do something to change that.

At our meeting on Tuesday we were visited by Rev. Jon Martin of Morrisburg and Rev. Doug Richards of Hawkesbury. They have invited parish council to be part of talks with other parishes in the Deanery to discuss the future of our church and that of the others. We feel it is to our advantage to be involved because we are a vibrant parish and being part of these discussions is important for the long-term health of our parish family and ministries.

Once we have attended our first meeting, which is May 9, we will be coming back to you for your input in our future talks. If we come out of these meetings with any suggestions or changes that would affect Christ Church Seaway, they will be brought to Vestry for your approval. If you have any questions please ask any member of parish council and we will do our best to answer.”

Inter-Cultural Parish Visit

Sunday April 23
(The week after Easter Sunday)
11:30 AM

Inuktitut and English music, prayers, and preaching!

Saint Margaret_s Anglican Church_Vanier_Heritage_Overlay_designation_ Official Plan_Montreal Road_Ottawa14051707_1055233371192647_1398536985763311849_n

Join a group from Christ Church Seaway on a field trip to visit the Inuit congregation of St. Margaret’s Church, Vanier. This is a great chance to learn more about Inuit culture, connect with neighbours in another part of our diocese, and experience the Anglican liturgy from a different perspective.

The service begins at 11:30, and is followed by a pot-luck lunch. Please arrange for your own transportation and consider sharing a ride with somebody else. All ages welcome!

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church
206 Montreal Rd, Vanier, ON K1L 6C9