Update to Congregation on the Status of Meetings with Other Parishes in the Deanery

Please take a moment to read this update which was read by Joanne Walker-Keefe (rector’s warden) this Sunday. Please also pray for guidance as we plan for the future of Christ Church.

I know you haven’t heard from me since May and that is mainly because there has not been anything new to report. We will be meeting with Trinity Cornwall and St. John’s Lancaster this week to see if we can come up with a plan to share our priestly services and then on September 26 we meet with Bishop John, Sanjay from the financial office, and the corporations from the rest of the deanery.

I want to put to rest a rumour going around that, if we don’t accept this arrangement, we will close. This is not the case. There has never been a discussion on closing. All we are trying to do is save money. That being said, if anyone has any suggestions on how we can improve our financial situation, please bring them to Reverend Patrick or one of the Wardens . If we chose to opt out of any arrangement with Trinity and St. John’s we can. The reality is that we don’t bring in enough money to cover our expenses which is why we have been having so many fund raising events throughout the year but that is still not enough. If we chose to opt out, we will have to draw approximately $50,000 a year from our consolidated trust fund to cover our annual deficit, which could keep us going for about 10 years and I think everyone would agree that that would really not be a good solution and not in our best interest.

Once we have the 2 meetings I mentioned we hope to have a plan to present to you and we will call a special vestry to give the details and answer any questions.