Pentecost Sunday – Worship and Conversation

red stole

This Sunday June 4th is the Christian Feast of Pentecost. On this day the followers of Jesus mark the coming of the Holy Spirit and the anniversary of the Christian Church. Christ Church Seaway will be observing this feast with multicultural music, and the reading of scripture in various languages (English, Inuktitut, Greek, and Bengali). If you are really keen, feel free to wear the colour red for this Eucharistic celebration!

After the 10 AM service Rev. Patrick and members of Parish Council will lead our third Turning-Point Conversation. This conversation will focus on a shared ministry proposal for our area. This will be a chance to learn more about a proposed plan that would allow for more cooperation between parishes and would also lead to some cost savings for Christ Church Seaway.

The conversation will take place over a pot-luck lunch so please bring a dish to share. Everyone is welcome!