Planning for Christ Church’s Future (Update)


This Sunday, Parish Council presented an update to the congregation regarding our conversations with neighbouring parishes. Please continue to pray for inspiration and guidance as we work to secure Christ Church’s ministry for future generations.

“Good Morning

Well we attended our first meeting with the parishes in our deanery on Tuesday May 9 and as promised, we are reporting on what was discussed.

We were not at the previous meeting but it appears that they were asked what they valued most and it seems that the building was first and the priest second. With that in mind they came up with some proposals on how we could save money. The one that made most sense was to have a team ministry. That is to say that we would partner with one or more parishes. Each parish would remain autonomous, but they would share priests thus reducing that expense. Again, this is just a proposal still in the discussion stage and perhaps someone will come up with a better solution. There are many details to be worked out. It is important that we remain open minded and positive. It’s also encouraging that everyone is working together.

We will be holding our third parish Turning Point Conversation at Christ Church on Sunday June 4 after the 10am service where we can discuss the proposals. Also in June (date to be announced) there will be another meeting with the parishes of the deanery. This will be an open meeting and everyone in the parish is encouraged to attend.

If you have any questions, please ask your parish council and we will do our best to answer.”