Planning for Christ Church’s Future

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The following announcement was shared by Parish Council on Sunday April 30, 2017. It refers to a conversation that is only beginning to take place and we do not know what outcomes to expect. We will be participating according to what we feel Christ Church has to offer and what we feel we can gain from a closer relationship with our neighbours. Please join our congregation in considering how to best embrace the future of our ministry through prayer and open conversation.

“We are here to update you on our last parish council meeting. It is no secret that we have been operating at a deficit for the past few years and we need to do something to change that.

At our meeting on Tuesday we were visited by Rev. Jon Martin of Morrisburg and Rev. Doug Richards of Hawkesbury. They have invited parish council to be part of talks with other parishes in the Deanery to discuss the future of our church and that of the others. We feel it is to our advantage to be involved because we are a vibrant parish and being part of these discussions is important for the long-term health of our parish family and ministries.

Once we have attended our first meeting, which is May 9, we will be coming back to you for your input in our future talks. If we come out of these meetings with any suggestions or changes that would affect Christ Church Seaway, they will be brought to Vestry for your approval. If you have any questions please ask any member of parish council and we will do our best to answer.”