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Christians Fleeing the Holy Land

A recent “60 Minutes” story on CBS gives a sad glimpse of what is happening to Christian communities in the Holy Land. While thankfully spared much of the violence faced by Christians in Egypt, Pakistan and elsewhere, Christians in Palestine are finding themselves pushed out by political forces beyond their control. Many of these Christian communities have been settled there for a thousand years or more. And now they are disappearing. It makes the heart sad.

Please take a look at the story, or check out the video segment featured on the website. Please also consider joining us for our service of prayer for the persecuted Church, scheduled for May 6th, 2012. There, we will be remembering these brothers and sisters in Christ, and all who suffer for the Gospel. Please contact the church for more information.

Chili Cook-Off Winner Announced!

A Little Heat

Congratulations to Jo-Anne Minish for her impressive victory at our 2nd annual Chili Cook-off, held on April 22nd! After fierce competition from many rivals, the ballots were counted and Jo-Anne walked away with the coveted trophy.

The turnout for the cookoff was wonderful, and a great time was had by all. Thank you to everyone who contributed a chili, and who helped with the setup and cleanup. We raised over $250 for the building fund as a result.

Keep perfecting your recipes for next year!

A Service of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Christians around the world live with intimidation, discrimination and violence for their faith in Christ. This happens daily in such widespread places as Iraq, Nigeria, Eritrea, Pakistan, Egypt, China and Burma. Yet, it is a problem which receives very little media attention. Most people are unaware of it in Canada, despite its pervasiveness. We want to change that.

At 7 pm on May 6th, please join us as we gather for a special service of prayer and worship for the persecuted Church. We meet at the First Baptist Church, 310 York St., Cornwall.

This ecumenical service will feature prayer, uplifting music, and information about the Church’s situation in oppressive areas. We’ll also be hearing from a guest speaker, Don Hutchinson. Don is Vice-President, General Legal Counsel for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canad, and works with agencies advocating for the rights of persecuted Christians around the globe. He will help educate us about the problem, and suggest ways that we can help bring about change.

Please contact the church for more information.

An 8-Hour Famine

Young people, aged 9 – 16, are invited to join us for a fun afternoon adventure in support of WorldVision’s 30 Hour Famine. We’re calling our event an 8 Hour famine, because it’s a minor version of the famine, geared for younger youth. We ask kids to eat a good breakfast the day of the event, then not eat after 9 am. We meet together at the church, and then spend the afternoon doing fun activities before eating a meal together at 5 pm. Here are some of the fun activities we will be doing:

  • Mini-golf
  • Bowling
  • Games
  • Making Supper together
  • Eating it!

The activities start on Saturday, April 28th at 1 pm. We meet at the Church, and then end at 6 pm. It is open to youth aged 9 – 16. Kids will need to bring a signed consent form, a pledge form (both available from Fr. Stephen), and $10 to help pay for the day’s activities.

Please contact Fr. Stephen for more information, or to register for the day’s events.

Chili Cook-Off

We’re hosting our second annual chili cook-off on Sunday, April 22nd, following the 10 am service. This should be a fun, light-hearted event and friendly competition. Entering the contest is free, but parishioners wishing to sample the chilies are asked to make a donation to our building fund. Here’s how it works:

  • Contestants bring a crock pot full of home-made chili (bring lots!)
  • They setup in the parish hall, with each pot at a different table
  • Each table has a stack of small plastic cups with a number on it (this identifies which chili it is)
  • At coffee hour, parishioners are given a spoon and a score card
  • Parishioners move to each table and serve themselves a small scoop of chili
  • After sampling all the chilies, they mark on their scorecard what their favourite chili is, and place it in the ballot box
  • Scores are counted at the end of the coffee hour
  • Winner receives a Trophy, and local fame!

Please talk to Fr. Stephen if you’re interested in entering, or if you have any questions.

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